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Stuff Happens

When you enter a Mellew Productions event, as with all major run events, there is always a clearly stated policy of no refunds, transfers and substitutions. So often you pay $50 or more for essentially a t-shirt and maybe  not even that.

We all know that between payment for an event and the actual event, all the things of life can alter your ability to toe the starting line. We call this Stuff Happens.

Mellew Productions is proud to announce you now have an option to guarantee your entry fee at all our events!

And Stuff Happens gets even better! Don’t want the hassle of paying this fee every time your register for one of our events? Now you can pay one time and guarantee your entry fees FOREVER! Just $10 for individuals and $15 for a couple!

Pay for Permanent Stuff Happens Here

Here is how it works for each event. Any time you register online for any of our events. you will see a box in our entry form that will say “Stuff Happens”, Check that box and $5 will be added to your final fee.

If for any reason you cannot cross the start line your entry fees can be applied to a future Mellew event of your choosing.

This program does not refund your fees! It just allows you to use your fees at any of our other events.

Here are the rules:

This does not apply if you run and fail to finish an event. Only if you cannot attend.

You cannot switch to an event that is scheduled before the event that you bought Stuff Happens.

You will need to contact us at to let us know that you bought Stuff Happens and which event you want to transfer your entry fees.

You must use your stuff Happens with one year.

You do not have to use your entry fee at next year’s event. You can apply it to any of our other events. However, you will need to tell us which event you wish to transfer your fees to within the ten day period after the original event. You also have the option of making this choice before the event even happens. You will then receive am email confirming your entry in that event.

You can only switch one time. No second chance. You will need to start at your transferred event or you lose the entry fees. This cannot be transferred to anyone else. There are no refunds.