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These great companies have partnered with Mellew Productions at many of our events!

If our basic sponsorship program does not fit your needs, please e-mail us at:

You can also sponsor just one event. Go to that event page and click on the Be A Sponsor button for details.

Partner with Mellew Productions and gain a year round experience! A Mellew Production’s sponsor has contact with the people you want to meet!

There are 2.6 million runners in the state of Texas and three times that many walkers. We feel our market is unlimited. For every paid entrant there will be 20 that visit our web sites. Many thousands also come just to watch these events.

Our Reach

Yes in 2016/17 we had over 15,000 people attend our events. That is just the beginning of the story. To get those 15,000 people we had interaction with over 500,000 people mostly in the state of Texas!

  • We produced over 10,000 colorful attractive shirts with many being runner tech shirts that should have had your logo on it.
  • Our social media advertising is constant and we reach out to millions of new customers!
  • We engage monthly with over 40,000 customers who are on our email list.
  • We distribute (mostly on car windows where active people visit) over 25,000 professional brochures annually that should include your logo!
  • Over 500,000 people visited our web sites each year. Where was your logo?
  • We own our online registration system. This allows us to promote our sponsors when it most counts. Registration confirmation emails are the most read email we ever send! Why isn’t your logo on that confirmation? For every person that actually registers online another 10 look at our registration pages. Why isn’t your banner ad on this page?
  • Race week our 10,000 attendees get a pre-race informational email. This email is one that is opened and read!
  • We have a two story inflatable finish line arch. Shouldn’t your company be represented here.
  • Why isn’t your company on our branded barricades at the start and finish?
  • Why aren’t you represented on our mile markers?