our promotional programs

We love our customers and we like to reward those that have helped make our events a success. We encourage you to take advantage of our programs as they are designed to make your event experience as fun as possible.

Give Aways:

On April 27, 2014 we gave away free entries:

Marsha Escobar  #3592     Mini Moo Combo
Sherry Loomis #2512    Tyler Rose Half
Kristy Krupp #2492   Big D Half


On March 13, 2014 we gave five people free entries to selected half marathons. The winners and the event entries they won are:

Matt Jones - Hottest Half
Matt Hamilton - Tyler Rose Half
Amanda Womack - Hottest Half
Jason Strother - Hottest Half
Jennie Ketchem - Jalapeno Half


On March 20, 2013 we gave five people free entries to event of their choice. The winners are.

Brenda Haire #2649     Tyler Rose Half
Juliann Berry #4470     Run Together 5K
Joey Godoy #4956       Hottest Half
Cody Miller #5252        Panhandle Half
Robby Taylor #4102    Jalapeno Half




What is Mellew Incentives?

Simply put, it is a program to reward the repeat participants in the many Mellew run events. It rewards you with free entries and other goodies. It is designed to move you to the head of the line and save money on entry fees. It rewards you for referring others to enter Mellew events. It opens the door to extra t-shirts. It may become many other things in the future as we grow the program.

What Mellew Incentives is not:

This is not a program where you have to earn points that are redeemed at a future date. We believe that most reward programs are just a device to maintain your loyalty without the prospect of ever getting the actual reward. This is not a program that gives Mellew Productions the license to market you senseless and bother you with an avalanche of email promotions. We feel that by signing up with this program, you are telling us, "We know who Mellew Productions is and where you are." The only time we feel we should be emailing you is to tell you that we are giving something that is free or will save you a lot of money. In fact we would prefer that we just post rewards and deals and it is up to you to visit our incentives page on a regular basis to cash in. We would rather focus our efforts on producing run events and leave the email campaigns to others.

Why would Mellew Productions do this?

Because we can and we want to. We have many events that will draw close to 20,000 participants this year. It is our way of saying thank you. It is fun easy way to reward all those that have been a part of our success.

So why would I sign up to be a member of Mellew Incentives?

Here are just some the things you will get.

  • Free entries: Each month we will conduct random drawings for free entries. What you will win is a mellew gift certificate that can be used by yourself or anyone you know to enter any of our events. All certficates will have a short life span. You will have only seven days to use it
  • Extra T-shirts: At most Mellew events we have anywhere from 50 to 400 event shirts left over. Where do they go? Usually to our warehouse as we figure some way to get rid of them. Now when an event is over and you want an extra shirt or perhaps for a friend or significant other, you just show us your member number and help yourself. Our rule here is no more than 2 extra shirts at each event.
  • You are protected from event sellouts: Many of our events are quickly approaching the entry numbers that will require us to cap the participants at many of our events. As a company philosophy, we do not ever to want to have events so large, that we have to use the word "corral". We may cap some events at 1500 and really would like to cap our largest event at 5000. As a Mellew member you have the right to enter our events when we reach the cap limit at any event.
  • Special Discounts: From time to time when the mood hits us we will offer short term special discounts to some of our races. These will only be posted on our incentives page for a brief time and you have to be a member to use the discount. We have one rule here. For those that become members after July 1, 2011, you must be a member for 30 days before you can use this discounts. We don't want people just becoming members to get a quick discount to one event.
  • Free prizes: At many of our events our sponsors give us gift certificates to give for free merchandise and running gear. For those members that run at that event that has free prizes, only members get to win.

Mellew Mystery Runner:

Wear any of our event t-shirts to other run events or while training, and you may just receive a free entry to a future Mellew Productions event. We will have our people out and about at many of the local run events and on the roads. If we see you wearing one of our event shirts, we will ask you if you are a member of Mellew Incentives, Once we verify that you are we will mail you a free entry form.

So what do I have to do?

Just go to our Member online registration link and sign up today. There is no cost and there is nothing to buy.