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50$ Forever.

Register here if you have ever successfully completed the Four Seasons or Toughest Half Challenge before the end of 2017.

New! The Texas Six Pack Challenge

This is designed to add another finisher medal to our dazzling array of extra medals! We are making this challenge a bit easier. You have three years starting June 1, 2017 (Mellew Half Marathons completed before that date do not count). All you need to do is start and finish our six half marathons and you get the 3D Texas Six Pack medal! Now if you decide to do the six in a row, you automatically qualify to get the Four Seasons and World’s Toughest Half medals also, although you are not required to do this.

Many are already signed up to run the Four Seasons and/or World’s Toughest Half Challenge. If you want to add the missing events at a bulk reduced rate, we can do this. You will need to contact us at to discuss. 

For those starting fresh, we are offering a special reduced rate to sign up for all six at one time! Just $325. ($55 per event)

The Four Seasons Half Challenge


This is your opportunity to challenge yourself to complete four half marathons. They are spread out enough so that you don’t have to train extensively but just enough to give yourself annual training goals. This challenge will not be complicated. The Rules are few and the process is simple. Run a half marathon in all four seasons in the Four Seasons Half Marathon Challenge. You can sign up for our four events as they come along or you can save money and register for all four at once!

Register and pay for all four Online Now! Just $220.00!

Already done one leg? Register for the other three now! Just $165.00!


The Rules:

  • You must run the four half marathons in succession.You must tell us by email that you doing the challenge. All you need to do is email us at and inform us that you are taking the challenge and with which event you intend to start with.
  • You can start the challenge with any of the events.This means that if your first half marathon is at The Hottest Half then your last one will be at Big D the following year.


Participate in the World’s Toughest Half Challenge

Registration for the 2018 Toughest Half Challenge will open soon.

Wildfire – Jalapeno – Hottest – Texas in summer! listed the Hottest Half as one of the top 14 World’s Toughest Half Marathons – Read article. Well for the past 3 years we have been doing three summer half marathons in the Dallas Fort Worth area. So why not? Let’s have the World’s Toughest Half Challenge.


Toughest Half medal and ribbon Toughest Half medal


The Sizzling 10k Challenge!

Register for all three at one time. Just $90!



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Run and finish the 10k at Jalapeno, Wildfire & Hottest half! You will earn an extra Sizzling 10k finisher medal. The only rule is that you must run and complete them in calendar 2017 starting with the Wildire 10k and ending with the Hottest 10k.



The 5 & 10 Challenge!

Run and finish any four (4) Mellew events where the distance starts with a 5 or a 10! You must complete this challenge by the end calendar year of 2018. You can count the last 2 events run in 2017. Moonlight & The Rose. Previous events do not apply to this challenge.

The events would be:

The Texas 5-Mile
Hypnotic 5k
Big D 5k
Tyler Azalea 5k or 10k
Wildfire 10k
Jalapeno 5k or 10k
Hottest 5k or 10k
Moonlight Madness 5k or 15k
Rose 5-mile